Saturday, November 15, 2008

getting crafty with the desk organizer

My new workspace is more visible to the general public, so I *should* keep it tidy. My old "desk organizer" just didn't seem appropriate anymore (and frankly, it never worked that well anyways...)

So I shopped around (see my previous post here for some ideas) and ended up finding something kinda nice at Target for $19.99. It's really a "letter holder" but I figured I could adapt it to my needs. I always love a chance to be creative! (BTW, if you buy one of these, it says the photo openings are 2 x 2 inches, but they are more like 2.75 x 2.75 inches.)

The two compartments are rather wide, and I wanted separate areas for pens, pencils, and other stuff -- so I made some impromptu dividers from my old business cards and stuck them in with double-sided tape.

I think the final result turned okay...

But after looking at it for a few days, I feel the need to paint it a soft white with a pink-ish tinge... or go all the way pink!

The pink thing on the left is a magnetic dry-erase board I picked up at WallyWorld. Rather than attaching it to the wall, I put it on an easel from Joan Fabrics. To attach anything to the wall, one must fill out a requisition form and schedule a state carpenter to install it!

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