Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pier 1 nearly redeemed

Ever since I set foot in Pier One decades ago, I've loved to shop there. I rarely buy much, but I enjoy looking. I always thought, "if I had more $$$ I might buy a bit more." But for the past couple of years I just haven't found anything in there that I wanted. I even had a $30 gift card, and just could not spend it! Finally, Thanksgiving Weekend I found several things I wanted. Now I kinda regret paying $6 for a small bag of rocks (especially since I bought more than one!!!) -- but I think the final result just may be worth it (see below.)

They have lots of great Christmas ornaments, and of course their selection of candles & candle holders kept me mesmerized for over an hour. But sadly they do not have a single menorah or other Jewish holiday item in stock, neither in the store nor online (as far as I can tell -- it's hard to know for sure, since THEY DON'T HAVE A SEARCH BOX ON THEIR WEB SITE!!!!)

They have several mult-candle holders, but they only hold 5 or 6 or 7 or 12 candles -- not 8 or 9. So I made my own Hanukkah menorah from Pier 1 stuff.

And I got another candle platform, maybe it will go in the fireplace. Candles are from Ross (cheaper than Pier 1!)

This year we are going to celebrate the LIGHT in the darkness: Solstice (shortest day / longest night), Yule (burn a huge log), and Hanukkah (8 nights of candles.) We'll see what we celebrate next winter (hopefully we'll be living someplace cold and can have SNOW!)

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